Plan for traffic slowdowns across the Foothills this Sunday, Jan. 23.

The Facebook group 'Foothills Freedom Rally' is sharing information about a Canada-wide protest with truck drivers.

They have dubbed it a 'Convoy to End Mandates,' and they plan on driving slowly from as many border points as possible to slow down major road transportation routes.

This has to do with the recent Canadian government mandate that all truckers have to be vaccinated.

Locally, protestors will be part of the 'Slow Roll to Freedom' coming up Hwy 2 from Nanton in the afternoon and then travelling through High River and up to Okotoks on Hwy 2A.

Then they will travel through Okotoks to the north overpass and back onto Hwy 2.



Public Health Agency of Canada involved in 'error' on trucker vaccine rules: sources


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