The 'Shop of Wonders', hosted by My City Care Okotoks, helped over 350 families have a special Christmas this year.

Through donations of toys and money and many volunteers they were able to bring wonder and joy across the foothills.

Tanisha Stromberg with the organization says they were able to help out big time.

"So we ended up being able to help 866 kids, including parents we were able to help 363 families which ends up being 1,384 people."

Once families in need registered online they were informed when to come shopping at the 'Shop of Wonders'.

The Christmas gift giving and wrapping centre was hosted at Bighorn Place in Okotoks this year.

Stromberg explains how the process worked.

"When the parents would come in they would pick out a bigger item and then they get two medium sized ones so that might be like shoes or pajamas or books or Lego or something and then they leave with at least 3 stocking stuffers."

And how if it wasn't for the support of local businesses and all the volunteers that helped it wouldn't have happened.

"Just watching everybody jump in and step up to help out whether they're dropping off a couple toys or writing cheques on behalf of their business or sharing Facebook posts it's just been huge the amount of support that we've been able to have to make it possible."

My City Care Okotoks' will be focusing on their 'Cinderella Project' in the spring of 2021 as they look to help recycle grad dresses for high school students.


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