The Nanton Animal Protection Society is hoping for a bit of community support to help them get over the finish line with their new animal shelter that is under construction.

Volunteer Carrie Gataiant says they have been working for 15 years to get the new shelter and for the last two years they have been going all out to get the job done.

And the good news- they are moving into a brand-new building at the end of October.

The bad news- they need to raise about $10,000 to finish construction.

"The shelter we are currently in is 600 square feet," said Gataiant. "With no running water we haul water in for feeding and cleaning and it is really, really hard to keep it sterile."

It also lacks proper insulation making it very cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

The company contracted to build the shelter agreed to go ahead knowing the group was originally $23,000 short of the goal but knowing they were actively fundraising and applying for grants.

They still need $10,000.

One way they are raising money is having a Kash for Kritters raffle.

They are selling the tickets at the Nanton Farmers Market on Saturdays and will have a table set up at the Walmart in Okotoks on Sept 9th to sell them as well.

Tickets can also be picked up at businesses in Nanton.

They can accept etransfers at

For more information check out their Facebook page


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