After the new LED light installation in town some Okotokians are feeling left in the dark.

Concerns have surfaced that the new lights are quite dim, making the streets unsafe to drive or walk along.

Okotoks resident Tori Blanchette says she noticed the change on September 25th while making deliveries around 8 p.m.

"We were in Cimarron Meadows and we really noticed that there was not very much light there. It was really creepy, we couldn't see the street signs, they were very, very dim and we had to pull up right beside them to see what street was coming up next. If there had been wildlife in front of me it would have hit my bumper before I would have seen it, that's how dark it was."

Blanchette and a number of others voiced that the lights only lit the area directly underneath it, worrying that the lack of lighting could be unsafe for motorists and pedestrians and even provide a chance for crime.

The Okotoks resident says she completely understands why the town picked the greener method but worries about the final outcome of the conversion.

"I'm all for going green, I mean Okotoks is known for being a very green town and I really love that part, that is why we live here but I'm also concerned about the safety. My daughter is 11, my son is 13 so they are at the age now where they're going to be out without me and I don't want to be worrying about them, about some guy jumping out behind a bush because it's so dark outside they can't see the person coming."

Alana Antonelli, manager of corporate communications for Fortis Alberta, says the company has received positive feedback with this conversion many times before so it may just take some adjusting.

"We definitely appreciate any feedback that we receive and there are a lot of advantages with the new lights. Some being: energy efficiency and brightness. What I'm wondering is perhaps with the new lighting, because it's new and it might look a little different it might just take some getting used to."

The LED lighting is designed to illuminate the areas it is meant to from a safety perspective without creating light pollution.

Antonelli says the company takes all concerns into consideration but feels locals might just need to warm up to the switch that has proven to be both safe and green.

"I can't even reiterate how important safety is to us as a company and it's always number one in everything that we do. So this conversion is no exception to that and we've undertaken it with safety at the top of mind. So I really don't think there is a concern from a safety perspective to have to go another route."

Fortis Alberta welcomes all residents with questions or comments about the new lights to contact them at 310-WIRE.