From marijuana to alcohol and eventually to fentanyl.

That's the path a man by the name of Mackie has taken to arrive at the Dream Centre in Calgary as a recovering addict.

He says it started a long time ago.

"I call it a pickling point and everybody's a cucumber and once you become a pickle you can never go back," he says. Later on in life I can see some addictive tendencies coming out. I got into high school and with high school comes drugs and partying so I got into pot and after high school I turned 18 and alcohol was legal and I took that way, way overboard and I was drunk pretty much all the time for about three years.

He says after that he took opiates and eventually fentanyl which led to him losing his house, girlfriend, jobs and school and ended up $17,000 dollars in debt.

He's re-learning how to live and working at the Dream Centre......

"It is the best job I've ever had, I get to give back to the guys everyday, guys that are fresh going into the program, I remember how I was when I was going in and just help them ease into the Dream Centre," he says.

AM1140 will be at the Dream Centre between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday October 6, to raise money for its addiction recovery programs.