High River's Dylin Hauser says he's going to take a stab at political office in the Livingstone-Macleod riding in the next Provincial Election.

But as a member of the Liberal Party of Alberta.

Hauser first put out word on social media Sunday, July 15, and says reaction was swift and mostly one sided.

"The reaction was what I expected. A lot of people quickly reminded me that this is blue country, conservative. But, I was quite surprised though that people continued to engage me and over the course of just one day, the conversation started to change."

Hauser says he needs the signatures of 25 card carrying Liberals in the riding to become the party's official candidate.

Something he admits may not be that easy.

He says he's setting up some new social media sites specific to his campaign, but you can contact him on Facebook, by simply typing in his name, Dylin Hauser.


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