The Grain Growers of Canada have hit the ground running after this week's federal election.

President and Olds area farmer, Jeff Nielsen, says they've already started their outreach work with the Government.

Nielsen says he doesn't think the outcome of a Liberal minority was that big of a surprise.

"In any scenario, a majority Government tends to work better on a lot of issues. We know our work's cut out for us again, and we're looking forward to eagerly getting to it."

The Grain Growers are congratulating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on behalf of its 65,000 grain farmer members across Canada.

"Grain farmers appreciate Mr. Trudeau and his Government's recognition that the Canadian economy, as a whole, benefits from a stronger agriculture sector," Nielsen said.

Nielsen says the Liberals know there's issues on the trade front and they are keen to improve the business risk management tools.

"In the grain sector here, we are facing a lot of non-trade barrier issues. We're facing a huge subsidy that the American farmers have gotten and we're facing protectionism from countries that we have free trade agreements with."

Nielsen believes all parties recognize they need to work harder to ensure agricultural products get to Canada's customers, and continue to maintain our reputation as a reliable supplier of top quality products.

He adds, the sector also needs a government that will recognize the environmental work farmers do to care for the land.

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