Girl Guides of Canada will be dropping the name of 'Brownies' for the 7 to 8-year-old grouping of girls.

The organization made the announcement in November of this year they were going to be changing the name.

CEO Jill Zelmanovits says they're changing the name to remove racialized barriers.

"It is clear that this change is the right thing to do — Girl Guides cannot be represented by a term that causes any girl harm,” said Zelmanovits.

“Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at Girl Guides calls on us to listen to the lived experiences of racialized girls and take action to safeguard these commitments,” she said. “It’s imperative that no part of Guiding causes harm to the girls we serve."

They have now offered up two different choices to replace the name with.

They are 'comets' and 'embers'.

Members voting wrapped up on December 13th.

Girl Guides will announce the new name change in late January, but it's not expected to take effect until September of 2023.