Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation R.J. Sigurdson announced on April 5th that the Alberta Government will be providing funds dedicated to irrigation upgrades.

"As we prepare for what may be another dry growing season, our government is taking steps to support producers by ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to succeed," said Minister Sigurdson in a media release on April 5th, 2024.

They are working on addressing water needs throughout the province and are meeting with stakeholders, such as farmers, ranchers, businesses, municipalities, communities, and irrigation districts in order to ensure their voices are heard.

"With producers being top of mind, Budget 2024 includes a $19 million capital grant for the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program, which is up $5.5 million from last year, to allow irrigation districts to update and modernize Alberta's water infrastructure," Sigurdson added.

On top of that, the provincial government is allocating an additional $50 million in capital funding over three years for the Water Management Program, which will tackle projects like the Dickson Dam Capacity Enhancement Project.

In the media release, Sigurdson also is encouraging agriculture producers to keep an eye on their insurance policies.

"The Alberta government and Agriculture Financial Services Corporation are committed to providing insurance support and working with producers and agri-businesses to support a strong, sustainable, and diverse industry into the future. Additionally, I encourage all farmers to stay informed, stay safe, and continue their vital work feeding people in our province and beyond."

Minister Sigurdson also urges Albertans to support the Alberta agriculture industry by choosing to purchase Alberta-grown products.

"Whether purchasing directly from producers at farmers’ markets or finding locally sourced products at the grocery store, your support will help make a difference in the lives of the families whose livelihoods rely on Alberta agriculture."

The government remains optimistic that this will be a productive growing season.