New Movie about a Farmer's Court Battle with Monsanto

Filming is underway in Winnipeg for a film based on a Saskatchewan canola farmer who was successfully sued by Monsanto.

The movie 'Percy' will star Christopher Walken as Percy Schmeiser who Monsanto took to court in the late 90's for using their genetically modified canola seed without a license.

In a statement Monsanto said, Schmeiser claimed the biotech plants in his fields got there by accident and were not planted by him.


More Locomotives for CN Rail

CN Rail announced they will be acquiring 60 additional locomotives.

CN Rail says, so far this year, rail volumes across North America are roughly 3.5 percent higher than last year.


Demand for Local Food on the Rise

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Minister, Oneil Carlier, congratulated the Calgary Farmer's Market yesterday on their announcement to open a second location in 2020.

In a Facebook post he says, the demand for local food is really growing.


Saskatchewan Making Good Harvest Progress

Our neighbours to the east are making considerable harvest progress.

According the latest crop report from Saskatchewan Agriculture, 39 per cent of their crops are now in the bin, which is ahead of their five-year average of 25 per cent.


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