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    Firsthand Account Of High River's Most Recent Robbery

    High River RCMP are searching for a suspect in yet another armed robbery in town.
Police responded to the call at about 4:50 pm on Fri. Dec. 19 at the Scotiabank on 3 Avenue SE. The employee working at the time of the incident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says it was a frightening experience. “I was preparing my closing entrie...

  • UPDATE: RCMP Identify Victims Of Fatal Crash

    High River RCMP have released more information from a single vehicle rollover on Saturday, December 20 including the names of two deceased male occupants. The two young men ha ...

  • No Free Ride For Smith

    It looks like Danielle Smith will have to face a nomination process if she expects to run under the PC banner in Highwood in the next election. In a statement, Highwood PC ...

  • Has Smith's Stance On The DRP Changed?

    Many are still trying to gauge where they stand on Highwood MLA Danielle Smith's switching political parties this week. Most seem to be against her move, while a few have c ...

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