Want to Know What's Happening this Weekend?

This weekend I will be out and about all over the foothills!

Starting off with Thursday I will be at the High River Farmer's Market from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, I will also have great prizes for you!

Friday I head over to the Shady Grove Music Festival from 6:00pm-8:00pm! The event starts Friday and goes all weekend to Sunday! Make sure you get your tickets online or at the gate.

Saturday is the Vulcan rodeo! Because what's better than a rodeo on the weekend? I will be there from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, event starts at 1:00pm.

Sunday head on over to another rodeo at Bar U Ranch, it's the Old Time Ranch Rodeo! I will be there from 12:00 to 3:00. Also on Saturday is longstock in Longview where I will be there from 3:00-5:00! 

So much to do this weekend, hope to see you there!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎


Okotoks Show n' Shine!

On Sunday I hung out on Elizabeth Street for the Okotoks Show n Shine! 

There was so much going on, way more than a car show. I couldn't believe how many people crowded the streets. Not only people but dogs too!

There were chances to enter and win great prizes, enjoy live entertainment, and grab a bite to eat from the food trucks! Except I took advantage of the fact Fountain Tire was giving away free hotdogs...

I had tons of fun hanging out at the Show n' Shine, along with my friend Julia Wolf, from the The Eagle! 

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

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Aspen Crossing SAMF!

What a great weekend for a music festival!

Aspen Crossing hosted the Southern Alberta Music Festival, Friday to Saturday.

They had a great lineup of artists, one I really enjoyed, the Jack Butler Society who performed originals and covers of great musicians such as Johnny Cash.

Not only could you enjoy the entertainment, but they also had vendors surrounding the area.

This event was hosted by STARS Ambulance.

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

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Claresholm BMO BBQ and Parade!

What a great community Claresholm is. 

I had the privelage to spend some time in Claresholm this weekend!

First stop was the BMO BBQ! This is the 15th year BMO has hosted the Fair Days BBQ. All funds went towards the Claresolm Fire Department. Not only could you purchase a burger and pop, but you could get your face painted, or get a balloon animal from Rory Gaudon!

It was such a pleasure to meet Rory. Rory is a recent retired entertainer who has travelled all over Alberta, and now volunteers his time to entertain families and educate children. He can do it all! Including balloon magic, musiciuan, poet, comedian and will attend any event. his main purpose is to educate through story telling. 

I also had the chance to meet Betty Fieguth who is running for Claresholm mayor! She was a wonderful, humble lady who explains that Claresholm is a great community and "is a hidden treasure". She would have my vote! 

I then was in the parade Saturday morning at 11am! It was great to cruise through the town and see smiling faces down the streets of Claresholm.

Fair Days has fun event for you and the family all weekend long!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

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What's Happening this Weekend?

Friday is Claresholm Fair Days! I don't recall ever being in Claresholm, so I'm excited for what's in store! They have events going on all day long including a pie eating contest, and the Bank of Montreal BBQ at 11:00 where all proceeds raised go towards charity! Saturday I will be crusing in the Claresholm parade at 11am! Give me a wave as I drive on by! 

The Southern Alberta Music Festival is finally here! I will be there Saturday from 1:00pm-3:00pm! 

What better to do on a Sunday than a car show? Sunday is the Okotoks Show n' Shine that runs from 11:00-4:00! Cruise down Old Towne Okotoks an view some amazing cars. 

That's all folks!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

Nanton Round Up Days!

Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Nanton for Round Up Days!

I made a pit stop at the farmer's market beside the United Church where you could find so many vendors, with a lot to sell! You could grab your fresh produce and baking, or some household crafted items!

I then went over to the Bomber Command Museum to check out the main attraction, and they had a pin up girl contest to start things off at 1:00!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

Strathmore Stampede and Parade!

Strathmore Stampede and Heritage Days is the place to be for the long weekend!

I had so much fun hanging out at the grounds for Heritage Days where there was so much going on!

To start off I went to the trade show, where surprisingly I didn't spend all my money. Then I went over to check out the live entertainment with the "Little Buckaroos" I absolutely loved it. The rodeo then started at 1:00, where I hung out with some great people from Wildflower Ranch!

There is so much to do at the Strathmore Stampede! They also had food trucks, TONS of activities for the family, and you could buy some stampede apparel!

I finished off my stampede weekend at the parade Saturday morning, where you could see me crusing in the Sunshine Patrol car!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎



What's Happening this Weekend?

Of course to start off the weekend, I will be headed to the High River Farmer's Market on Thursday from 3:30-6:30! You can find me at the end of the street, located by TD Bank, with the Wheel of Winning and free giveaways!

Friday I boogie on over to Strathmore for Heritage Days and Strathmore Rodeo! I will be at the tradeshow that starts at 11:00am, and the rodeo that begins at 1:00! There are tons of fun activities going on all weekend in Strathmore, if you're looking for some fun this weekend it is the place to be! YEEHAW! I will also be riding in the Strathmore parade Saturday morning that starts at 9am. Make sure to give me a wave!

Saturday I will also be going to Nanton, for Round Up Days! I will be at the United Church for the Farmer's Market that will be from 9am-1pm!

That's all folks! Have a great long weekend!

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎


Bar U Ranch Hosts "Cowboy Cuisine"!

I love going to Bar U Ranch!!!!!!!

Sorry I got a little excited there...

Saturday, July 29th I cruised over to Bar U Ranch for their "cowboy cuisine", and it was amazing!

They want people to learn the history of Bar U Ranch, and what a great way to learn, through food!

On my plate I had pot roast, potatoes, veggies, amazing biscuits (may had more than one) and rhubarb pie!

There is always something going on at Bar U Ranch for you to see, including Concert on Pekisko August 19th, and the Old Time Ranch Rodeo August 20th! Make sure to check it out.

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎

Black Diamond Rock & Roll Classic

Sunday, July 30th I cruised on down to Black Diamond for the 10th Annual Rock & Roll Classic Show n' Shine!

Not only could you take a look at these beautiful, vintage cars, but you could also listen to live music, grab a bite to eat, and hangout with the community!

This was way more than just a car show, and I had so much fun hanging out in the beautiful town of Black Diamond.

I'm Maddie Nesom with your Sunshine Patrol! 😎