There are some proposed amendments to the Spitzee Crossing Area Structure Plan in the northwest part of the Highwood Ranch in High River. Planning Consultant for the Land Owners Kristi Beunder says they plan move to a low density profile on the eastern side, immediately abutting the Highwood Village.

"I think there was concern that under the residential medium density profile that we would be over height or we would be higher than them. And that's not the case. But with us going to residential low density it's absolutely not the case. We can only do a single or a villa, much like they have."

She says they also reallocated density over the site and reduced it in response to feedback at the last public hearing.

"We also took a lot of density out in terms of the high density zoning districts. There was again some confusion as to what that might look like and what it might be. So we pared it down quite a bit. We took one of the high density areas and made it low, and we took one of the other high densities and made it medium."

Beunder says the proposed amendments are a genuine response to the community's feedback at the last public hearing.

"Well I think it closely reflects what we had in the area structure plan. I mean, we weren't trying to take anyone by surprise the first time, it's just those zoning categories are difficult to understand. So, I think this simplifies things, and I think our developer client deserves some acknowledgement for making those changes and being responsive to the community."

Beunder says she hopes the land-use changes they've proposed will be well received. The next public hearing will be March 28th at 3 p.m.

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