Finding out just what is on the minds of residents in Nanton is a high priority for Town Council.
Nanton Mayor Jennifer Handley says they are planning to have a survey in place to get feed back from residents on an engagement session they are hosting on January 28th.

"It is going to be more interactive," said Handley. "There will be some poignant questions we want to hear from people on."

Handley says the topics will most likely involve Westview development, water issues and business.

Council members are coming up with a question each that they want to address at the meeting.

"I have sent my council away for the next two weeks till our next meeting to come back with a question each."

At the meeting each councillor will have a flip board with their question and they will write down answers from the residents.

Handley said the Sunday meetings seem to have the largest turnouts for engagement meetings.

"We are trying to capture as many people as possible, as far as capturing people who are commuting to work and retirees."

Future engagement will include checking in with businesses and visiting the high school for feed back from the youth of the community.


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