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High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass is signing a letter supporting the MD of Foothills in their opposition of growth management boards. He says this is not a battle they will fight and win, but he is uneasy about giving the larger municipalities more control.

"The previous government started down this road and this government is just continuing on with that. The growth managament board, the thing that makes me nervous about it is giving the larger municipalities a little too much control with what goes on around them into the other counties and MDs."

Snodgrass says the town is part of the Calgary Regional Partnership, and giving more control to municipalities like Calgary won't affect High River much right now. But he is concerned about what will happen down the road.

"This doesn't affect High River a whole lot right now. We're part of CRP and everything else, but Calgary doesn't have a lot of effect development-wise over what goes on in High River right now. But they will once we need water. It's the future. I'm a little more concerned about what happens."

He says growth management boards will directly affect the Foothills MD.

"With us, our major partner is the MD of Foothills. They are directly affected by it because Calgary does annex their property, and they are definitely not comfortable with this. So, I have absolutely no problem in supporting that because I'm a little bit nervous about it too. We have an excellent relationship with the MD and we support each other through all this stuff."

Snodgrass says this issue will affect High River more in 15-20 years, once we need water. The letter of opposition will be sent to Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee.

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