Add another name to the list of youth Okotokians can be proud of.

15-year-old Tim Pomares has returned from his first 2018 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships with an impressive score, and attitude.

Pomares competed in the national men's novice division on Jan. 8 and 9., he says the first day was a challenge.

"I put out the things I needed to do but I was a little behind after the first day," he says. "The second day I had a practice in the morning and I competed in the afternoon. That also went really well, probably my best program I've put out in competition so far this season, I was really proud about that."

Pomares placed 10th overall out of 18 competitors with an overall score of 102.

"I'm a little disappointed about my scores but that's not really something I can control, I did my job and I controlled everything I could control really well. I accomplished lots of things, and my scores were just how the judges felt and that's fine, they feel how they feel, and I'm cool with it."

He shares it was the biggest crowd he's ever performed in front of, an experience he fed off during the competition.

"Taking it all in and using the pressure, excitement, and energy form the crowd to your advantage and perform as much as possible. Just focus on yourself and put out what you can do, and forget what the other guys in the event are doing."

The event was also streamed online, Pomares says knowing friends and family were watching gave him a boost, adding the commentary was helpful to watch afterwards.

He'd like to thank everyone who supported him this season.

"I had tons of help from all kinds of people; my coaches, my training mates, my friends, and tons of people that donated because we did a lot of fundraising. Just a huge thank you to everybody that was supporting me through this year."

Pomares will now prepare for next season, working on new routines, programs, jumps, and combinations.

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