Suzanne and Rod BlackSuzanne Sagmeister, Photographer and Founder of "Conspiracy of Hope" with Country Music Artist and Supporter, Rod Black

"Conspiracy of Hope" is described as, "a grassroots movement to create conversation, inspire hope and save lives.

The founder, Suzanne Sagmeister, is an exceptional photographer that I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago,  when she was in High River with country music artist, Tenille, for her Play if Forward Tour.

Little did I know at the time that we had something more in common than a love of music.

Just a few weeks ago, I saw through Tenille's facebook, a music video called, Hope.


The song co-written by Tenille and Suzanne, is about Suzanne's experience of being in the "dark".

I too have spent time in the dark, depression has robbed me of much, but I am encouraged and inspired by people like Suzanne.

Suzanne believes there is "life after dark", a sentiment that struck a cord in my soul.

Rod Black, is just one of the many artists that helped create the video and song that I know will inspire many people. 

His current single and charting hit song, Keepin' on, speaks to his positivity.

Rod plans to carry that on in his music and live performances.

Rod is currently working on recording Hope, as a single.

He has signed on with Suzanne and the Conspiracy of Hope Movement and is committed to help keep this important conversation in the foreground.

So today as we recognize "World Mental Health Day" I wanted to take Suzanne's lead, her story and her amazing movement and share it with you.

I have had many conversation over the last year and half where it seems there are more and more people who need to hear this message of hope. 

So this post is for you.

There is hope, there is "life after dark".

Let's keep talking about it and bringing light and hope to the dark places.



Here is the audio for the interview with Suzanne and Rod.

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