A young Okotokian hit quite a milestone this week.

Claire Sonnenberg just reached 200,000 steps on her Trexo robotic walker.

The seven-year-old Dr. Morris Gibson student has very limited mobility due to cerebral palsy and has been making use of the walker for nearly a year now.

On Monday, around 70 students from the school gathered in the gymnasium to cheer her on as she reached the milestone.

Claire's mother Stephanie says the walker has transformed Claire's day-to-day life.

"She gets them at school and at home, so her Trexo comes to school Monday to Friday, and she walks around school with her amazing friends and teachers, she does gym class, recess, lunch breaks, she walks in between the classrooms to say hi to everybody, and then we have it at home as well. For the winter we have a treadmill and she walks on the treadmill while she watches her cartoons."

The walker measures multiple aspects of Claire's walking, including the number of steps and walking sessions, and it can even gauge how much energy Claire is using to walk versus how much the walker is doing for her.

Claire's friends and classmates have been excited to watch her journey.

"It allows Claire to have those typical experiences we never thought she could have. For the kiddos, when she comes to school, they see her as the same height as them, they're all the same size, and they love to run around with her. It gives us so much peace. To see her smile when she walks around, she's so happy, she never wants to get out," says Stephanie.

Moving forward, Stephanie is excited to see Claire reach 300,000 steps, and she's looking for ways to diversify the activities Claire can do in the walker.

"We're actually working on flipping her around in the Trexo so that the battery isn't in front so she can start kicking a ball and walk straight up to a table. That's our next step, is implementing it into sports."

The Sonnenbergs currently rent Claire's Trexo walker, which is not covered by insurance, and Stephanie launched a GoFundMe page last year in hopes of purchasing a walker.