The Young Cattlemen's Council (YCC) held their Annual General Meeting against the backdrop of the Canadian Beef Industry Conference last week in London, Ontario

Black Diamond's Ben Campbell is a Member at Large on the board and says they've done a lot of work engaging their membership this year.

"We were reaching out to our members to find out what kind of challenges are addressing young people in the beef industry and how we can help provide a voice for that."

Also at the meeting was Kayla Weston from Fort Macleod replacing Kolton Kasur of Bashaw as the new Alberta Delegate on the Council.

Weston says, she first became a Delegate for the Alberta Beef Producers.

"That was really special because I was the youngest and a girl. It's always been considered an old boys club, but it was nice to be a part of it. From there, they needed a rep to be on the YCC, and so they chose me to be their Alberta rep."

Weston adds, she's looking forward to learning about the different opportunities for young people in the beef industry.

For more information about the Young Cattlemen's Council you can visit their website.

Kayla Weston and Ben Campbell at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference.


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