With tax season around the corner, scammers pretending to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are already out and about causing problems.

With that being said, it's important to catch these scammers before they do any real damage.

Wes Lafortune, the Communications Specialist with the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure people don't fall for these scams.

"These calls and these texts seem to pop up pretty predictably, just before tax filing season. That's one thing to note, people should watch out and be quite skeptical if you start getting texts and phone calls or emails regarding the Canadian Revenue Agency right now."

According to Lafortune, these scammers like to try and scare their victims. For example, they will say you owe the government a lot of money and if you don't pay it right now, you will be going to jail.

"[The scammers] If they get as far as getting you to consider sending money, they often will want it in such a thing as cryptocurrency. The Canadian government does not use cryptocurrency."

You can always double-check any information from the Government of Canada by going to their website. You can also call the Canadian Revenue Agency to verify any communication.

"Some scammers are actually sending emails with a letter that looks quite official. So that's a new twist on this scam."

If you do encounter these scams, it's important to not engage with them.

"Hang up, don't respond to the text, delete the email, and then get a hold of the CRA directly. Typically, they will send you a letter in the mail."