The UCP candidate in Livingstone Macleod has had a few busy weeks since winning the nomination.

Chelsae Petrovic says she jumped into provincial politics for the same reason she ran for mayor of Claresholm.

"I saw some issues that were happening in my community, and I thought this will be a great opportunity to know the community, to be able to bring some different ideas and thoughts forward and running in provincial politics was the same thing, I wanted to bring representation to Livingstone Macleod and to really be the voice of our constituency in Edmonton," she explained.

Petrovic is a wife and mother of two children, and community director for My City Care in Claresholm, a not-for-profit organization in the town.

She's been a nurse for 13 years, primarily working in the emergency units in Claresholm and Fort Macleod Hospitals.

Petrovic is on an unpaid leave as mayor while she campaigns for MLA.

So far, it's been a lot of work getting around and speaking to people.

"We just came off the nomination campaign where we were able to meet with everyone who holds a Conservative membership and we had a lot of positive feedback, and this Saturday (April 22) will be the Claresholm campaign office launch."

"When we look at Livingstone Macleod each sort of area has their own diverse issues but there's some issues that are straight across the province and I'm extremely excited to see them, I know health care is an issue that is straight across the province.

The parties extremely focused on fixing health care across the province, preventative health care, focusing on mental health, I'm just extremely excited for the direction the Conservatives are going in this area."

On coal mining on the eastern slopes, Petrovic says there needs to be a balance and the UCP is committed to responsible resource management.