Local twins made the cut for a movie shooting at Disney World next month.

Hayley and Cooper Hampton of High River are getting ready to fly down to Florida for roles in an upcoming Christmas movie.

The movie is a spin-off from the TV series 'Go Iguana's' by Premiere.

The 12-year-old twins don't become teenagers until December so it could be a bit of a Christmas/birthday gift too.

Cooper says what sparked the idea to audition for the movie came from a Facebook ad their Mom saw.

"So, we decided to go in and he gave us a test script and then we read it out and he immediately knew our personality and about us. And then he said to come back for the second one (a second reading) and then we went there and he said we were in."

It was a bit more competitive than what you might imagine.

Hayley said they were up against a lot of other kids.

"There were six hundred kids who went to the first audition and only six were asked to come back for the second one and me and Cooper were one of those kids and then only four of those six made it through."

The auditions took place in a hotel in Calgary and now the family is being flown down to Florida next month for the seven-day shoot.

The twins aren't sure yet what roles they will be playing but sure are excited about going.