Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says we're in this for the long haul.

he says right now there's no end in sight for when we can have life return to normal in Canada because of the COVID-19 crisis.

"Every day someone asks me "how long will these restrictions be in place?" And the truth is, we don't know yet. Here's what we do know. The duration of this crisis will be determined by the choices we make right now. By decisions we take every single day. So, if you want things to get back to normal, do your part. Stay home."

He says he spoke with the Premier's Monday, March 23, about further steps that may have to be taken.

"We talked about the emergency measures that have been put in place at the provincial and territorial level. The Federal Emergencies Act is a last resort. But as I keep saying, all options are on the table. If people don't comply with expert advice and government guidelines. We'll have to take additional steps."

The topic of implementing the Federal Emergencies Act was one of the main topics discussed between the Prime Minister and the Premier's.

Trudeau says we're not there just yet.

"It is not something the Premier's largely thought was necessary at this point. Most of them indicated that if it of course became necessary they would of course support it. But they didn't feel it was there yet."

Every Province and Territory has already declared either a state of emergency or a public health emergency.


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