The weekend has come and gone, and with it a whole viking village.

"Horde At The Hive" is an annual event just outside of Okotoks where people dress up and live as Vikings would have in the days of auld.

Co-owner of the Chinook Honey Company, Cherie Andrews says the partnership between the honey company and the viking reenactment group is more natural than you may think.

"Of course there's always that crowd pleaser of mead, honey wine. And that sort of binds us all together here because, we make the mead right on site and sell it as Chinook Arch Meadery and so they love to drink it. It's a viking thing."

Andrews says she's very careful with what vendors they pick for the event.

"They are an amazing group of people because, they are all very dedicated to that era, whether it be viking or in fact medieval times, so again history."

Andrews says the event just keeps getting bigger every year.

"So we had in total about 1500 people last year, over the two days. Like I said it started off small, I can see that we got some beautiful weather today so I think that'll definitely be surpassed."


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