(photo: The Boy and Girl Balloon from The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival which is back in September)


He was an 11 time leader of Mexico, Santa Anna, in 1869 was living in Exile on Staten Island

after being overthrown for the eleventh time.  He was trying to raise money for another revolution

that would empower him for yet a twelfth time. He had a latex rubber sap from the sapodilla tree

which was from Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula and was trying to find a use for it.  The story

goes Santa Anna gave some sap to Thomas Adams, Adams tried to vulcanize it like Goodyear

did with rubber.  Adams was not successful but did boil some and created the first chicle based

chewing gum.  It sold for a penny, later William Wrigley grabbed the idea and became rich with Wrigley's



Have a great Wednesday, enjoy some gum by picking some up at your favorite store!


Charlie Brown