Compromise is the name of game.

The town of High River and Dundee Developments have signed an agreement for five new tennis courts in the Montrose subdivision.

The Tennis Club will be tearing down the nets on Sunday at their current location to make way for the planned medical centre. Club president Daniel Jacobs admits it's earlier than they would like.
He says it's a necessary compromise. He says, "We understand the problem the town had with the development (Montrose) not going as quick as they'd expected, but that has been addressed and we're willing to cut our season short, with the confirmation that we've got from the town and the developer that that should be up again next season. And you know what, if you gain something, there's no point in being hard headed about it."

Instead of only two courts at Notre Dame school in the northwest with an asphalt surface they'll get five courts with a tournament quality surface just south of the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

Town manager Harry Harker says "Our partnership with Dundee Developments has provided a win-win for the community.' "Not only are we gaining an additional two courts but we are able to provide a quality surface structure that will support the growth of the sport in our community."