Residents along the lower Highwood River, north of High River, are finally going to get some attention, ten years after the 2013 flood.

Foothills County Reeve Delilah Miller says they've received about $9 million from the Province to deal with property owners.

"We did get some funds from High River as well and now we can move forward and finally. after ten years from the 2013 flood, help those residents who were sort of left out of the flood program," she says.

They got $3.2 million from the Town of High River, money from the Province over and above what the Town needed for flood mitigation.

She says it took a lot of effort and lobbying to make it happen.

"It's an important piece for us and we're pleased (to get the funding). Foothills County has worked very hard over the last couple of years and we did have a lot of help from our MLA RJ Sigurdson, he was instrumental in us meeting with the ministers and get our message across and minister (Sonya) Savage was able to find us some funding so we can move forward with those residents, there's about eleven of them there."

Miller says the money can be used for things like buy-outs, home moving or river bank reinforcement.

She says because of the work done in the town the rural resident can expect to see about another meter of water in the event of another flood.