A purebred cow-calf operation near Brandon may have discovered a way to offset the dry conditions we've been seeing this year.

Brian Harper of Circle H Farms says they use high stock density grazing, running up to 120,000 pounds per acre on their operation, which helps retain moisture.

"Because we grow our roots deeper, we have more resilience to this dry weather," he commented. "So it's getting moisture from further down in the soil profile. We will get a third graze on some of the acres, once we get our 90-day rest period in, but that will be in the dormant season."

In just three years, Circle H Farms has increased beef production by 9,400 pounds, off the same 130 acres of land.

Since purchasing the 500-acre, 80 head of cattle operation in 1990, the Harpers have overseen the successive transformation of animal and land management practices. The family switched to rotational grazing and perennial crops and installed off-site watering systems, including a solar powered winter water system, planted trees, and completed an Environmental Farm Plan.

The farm was recently given the Environmental Stewardship Award by the Canadian Cattlemen's Association.


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