RCMP were called to a Hutterite Colony just North of Fort Macleod Labour Day Monday to deal with activists protesting commercial turkey production.

Corporal Chris Warren with RCMP Media Relations says there were about 60 protestors both on the property and off the highway adjacent to the farm on Monday, September 2.

"RCMP responded and were able to resolve the situation peacefully with those who were on the property, and they were eventually escorted off of the property," he said.

Warren says the investigation is ongoing, and so far no charges have been laid.

According to Global News Calgary, the protestors wanted some of the turkeys to be released to a sanctuary, media coverage of barns and to walk away without charges.

Media reports say five turkeys were granted to the protestors to be sent to an animal sanctuary. Global News was also allowed into the barn.

Turkey Farmers Of Canada Chair, Darren Ference, says it's frustrating and troubling to see the protestors demands met, adding the protestors entering the barn are trespassers at the time.

"As this becomes more and more prevalent, I think we as a society need to look at some of the laws for trespassing to protect both our animals and producers," he said.

 Ference farms near Consort, Alberta producing turkeys, chickens, beef cattle and grain, and says it's a biosecurity threat to have protestors on the premise.

"You don't know where these people have come from, if they followed all the biosecurity procedures, and when you get 20 to 30 people with police officers and protestors in the barn, it causes stress to the birds."

 Ference explains all their Canadian turkey producers are certified through two national programs and audited by a third party on an annual basis, ensuring food safety and animal health.

"Our food is ethically and sustainably produced, and is a very good stable food supply for the country" he said.

He doesn't believe the activists were protesting conditions on the farm, rather animal agriculture in general.

 Ference adds the protests are a relatively new situation for the turkey industry, as previous demonstrations have been on other types of farms, or have taken place on the road near a turkey farm, never entering the barns.

Alberta's Agriculture and Forestry Minister, Devin Dreeshen, took to Twitter following the protest saying the attack on the turkey farm is "unacceptable."

"Hardworking farmers and ranchers shouldn't have to deal with harassment from illegal protesters," the post reads. "They shouldn't have to worry about people entering their work, interfering with their lives or threatening the health of their animals."

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