The Okotoks Dawgs are 2022 champions! 

They beat the Moose Jaw Miller Express 4-1 in game three on August 18 to capture the Western Canada Baseball League championship! Resulting in the club's sixth title and their first since 2019 also capping off a season that saw their one-millionth fan through the turnstiles.

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Fans come for the players but often are blown away by the presentation. 

I'm the one you usually see running around throwing prizes at unsuspecting fans and trying my very hardest not to mess up the t-shirt cannon! 

the dawgs crewDare I say... I have the coolest job! (Brettyn, Shayne, Aurora and Jacob)

On the last few home games, I grabbed the camera to cast a light on those that make it all possible. Let's look behind the scenes at some of the over 50 workers and volunteers that make the average game day happen. 


With two concessions, the BBQ pit, and the new Core 4 (+14) corner, it takes a lot to feed an average of 4,200 fans every game! 

A bar in the stadium Margaritaville on the third base side. (it's where you get the "bulldawgs" btw) 
A bar in the stadium The Core 4 (+14) corner features the Grog and Grub! They usually have around 4 or 5 people working here. Always with a smile. (They get the award for the shortest line in the park) 
the dawgs kitchen The kitchen staff gets ready HOURS before the game to prep hundreds of burgers, hotdogs and thousands of fries. 
a well earned break After the heat of the grill... A well-earned break.


If you've been to a game you've probably met volunteer Dustin. He checks the tickets, stamps your hand and greets you with a smile at the gates. 

There are also numerous office staff selling tickets, answering phones, printing game day scripts, and managing sponsors and clients they make every day as smooth as possible.

the dawgs officeRunning a lot of the day-to-day is Garret and Madi in the Dawgs Office

From payroll to billet managers... there are SO many taking day-to-day to the major league level. 

staff playing cribThere are a lot of long days so it's good to get in some crib to wake up the brain. Garret and Mickey keep track of "skunks" with military attention.
the box office staffTwo or three staff hang out in the box office booth. (wickedly hot in here) By the 4th inning, we usually let them relax a bit.

Press Box

a snazzy press box photo through glassThe view from the press box.

This is my favourite spot (also the hottest room in the park.) It's filled with the most professional and wonderful people you'd ever meet. 

Danny Donnelly is Press Box Manager. He keeps it all running! We have the "twins" on stats, Craig on the mic, Christian on music and Jacob on social media. It's a careful dance to make sure we say the right things at the right time under music and being cautious not to put the wrong number on the board... 

Running over the day scriptDanny (middle) goes over the day script with everyone to make sure every game runs like clockwork.
music man chrisBehind the non-stop music is Christian. Bringing you pump-up tunes, musical puns and all the walk-ups to get the players on the field and fans in the stands excited.
stat runner Running stats are important! We use a paper copy for every game just to make sure our online Pointstreak" is current and correct.
announcer Craig Craig has one of the coolest jobs. He is (and has always been) our game-day announcer. He'll get fired up when we do well but always maintains a calm on the mic!

Also a special shoutout to mascot Diggity Dawg... Who is definitely a full-sized dog. What else would he be? 

Macot diggity and helper

(Emerson and Keighan are the body and support behind this "dawg") 

There are SO many that make it all happen. We can't forget about Pablo and his crew over at Grand Slam Sports General Store and all the security that makes sure we stay safe.

Grand slam gals

Check out our gallery and share with others because YOU are the reason we work here. 

YOU are the greatest fans in all of baseball.