The McRae street post office in Okotoks was targeted by vandals on the weekend.

The outside of the building was sprayed with hateful and vulgar graffiti, including swastikas, and the letters "KYS," which stands for "kill yourself."

Vandals had also sprayed the "handicap parking" sign, and at least one car was also reportedly tagged.

Damage was also done to the inside of the building. A portion of the post office is open to the public 24/7, and someone appears to have entered and kicked holes in the wall.

The damage to the inside has since been patched up, but as of Monday afternoon, the graffiti could still be seen.

There's no clear timeline as to when the vandalism was done, but Facebook posts showing the graffiti could be seen as early as Saturday morning.

Community peace officer Devon Bartek says they haven't directly linked this incident to prior ones, particularly the rash of graffiti the town saw over the summer, though there are similarities.

"The swastikas seem to be popping up with a lot of the graffiti throughout town. Whether that's the same person or a trend, we don't know. A lot of the graffiti last summer, for some reason, kept having the swastikas. That's the only thing off the top of my head that is similar to previous graffiti."

That string of vandalism peaked in the summer months but according to Bartek, it never fully went away.

"It's slowed down because of the winter, being cold, but it hasn't stopped. It's still continuing and we're on the lookout."