An Okotokian was recently recognized for her role as a mentor.

Jennifer Stewart received the 2022 President's Award for Excellence in Mentoring from the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET).

Stewart is a civil engineering technologist who creates horizontal and vertical geometry for roadways and sanitary storm and water pipe systems using 3D drafting software.

She joined ASET's mentoring program in 2021 since the program would help her in completing her continuing professional development log, which is a requirement for CET designation.

Even before the award, she felt a lot of fulfillment as a mentor.

"I've really enjoyed watching my mentee take the conversations we've had and implement solutions as a result of them. Then, a couple months down the road when a similar situation arises, she's already got the knowledge and can move through that much easier on her own."

Time management was among the main lessons she passed on.

Being a woman in a field that hasn't historically had much female representation, Stewart also wanted to stress her mentee's value as a woman.

"Traditionally, women have not had the easiest go in technology fields. I think it's important for those of us who have paved the way to shepherd the next generation through so that they can continue to blaze the trail forward."

The award came as a surprise but was, of course, a welcome one.

"I honestly didn't know it was possible and was incredibly honoured and surprised when I won."