Residents around High River's Hampton's neighbourhood are getting more than they originally bargained for.

The Town was already planning to pave the connector road on Second Avenue to 20 Street.

But Mayor Craig Snodgrass says after getting more information from administration on costs, they're going to get all the work done at once.

"Council's going to move forward towards the ultimate design, simply because it eliminates that hard 90-degree corner, it's a gradual curve that kind of follows the back fence line of the neighbourhood so it's a gentle curve and what else it allows us to do is put small roundabouts in both of the intersections entering the Hamptons which alleviates those four-way stops that are sitting there now."

The Town will also be able to put in a Happy Trails connection to go around the back area of the Hamptons.

Snodgrass says he's always been of the opinion if you're going to do it, do it right and do it once.

"We had approved $1.2-million just to rebuild the existing road and re-pave it, the cost estimates coming in on the ultimate design, with the roundabouts and the Happy Trails is $1.9-million, so for a $700,000 swing, with the $1.2-million, because that's not the ultimate design that would be there forever, at some point in time you'd be throwing that money away, you'd be throwing that project away and building the ultimate design anyway."

The mayor says the Town's in a very good financial position right now and while many other communities might not be able to spend the extra cash to get the project done right the first time, High River is able to do that.