A leading member of the Livingstone Landowners Association says she supports the NDP's move to stop coal mining activity on the eastern slopes.

Bobbi Lambright says many people aren't aware that work is continuing.

"Our members who ski and hike and go into the mountains have reported on the level of destruction that has already occurred and those programs are ramping up come May and June and we believe that needs to be addressed if you're going to have meaningful consultations," Lambright says.

The NDP plans to introduce The Act to Protect Our Mountains in the legislature to stop coal mining in ecologically sensitive areas of the province.

NDP leader Rachael Notley says she doesn't trust the government's consultation process.

"If they are doing consultations we don't know if they won't continue to have backroom deals and backroom meetings with coal lobbyists that still ultimately end with the same outcome, so what's critically important is that this needs to be embedded in law and certain principles need yo be followed," Notley says.

Bobbi Lambright says they aren't sure if they'll be part of the consultations as they have not been contacted.

"We've initiated as an organization an independent water study to understand the impact of coal mining on the water system because that data is missing," Lambright says.

She adds the eastern slopes are enjoyed and used by many, like outdoors people, fishers, tourists and farmers and ranchers as well as the tens of thousands of people downstream.

"There is room for multiple users and a diversity of use, there is not room for coal mining," she says. "Coal mining is not compatible."

Notley admits not many private members' bills are even allowed to come to a vote anymore, but she's calling on UCP MLAs to bring it to the floor so their constituents can see where they stand on this issue.


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