Information is coming forward to help reach a resolution on a dog bite incident involving a student at Joe Clark School at the end of October.

Protective Services Coordinator Darlene Roblin with Foothills Patrol says there was some misinformation floating around afterwards.

"It was reported in both traditional media and on social media in particular that the person walking the dog just took off once the girl was injured and down on the ground," said Roblin. "And that is simply not the case.  The person walking the dog did stay for some period of time."

The dog walker was waiting to talk to someone about what happened and was unable to go into the school because of having the dog on a leash and after waiting for a significant period of time she left.

When the media release was issued by the RCMP the owners of the dog immediately contacted them.

On November 8th the owners of the dog and the parents of the student involved got together to share information on what lead up to the incident, what happened afterwards and the current status of the investigation.

"It was astonishingly positive. It was so nice to see that the parents and the owner of the dog got a lot of clarity at that meeting about what happened. The focus is on the welfare of the little girl obviously but also on what are the next steps to make sure this doesn't happen again."

A professional behavioural assessment is being done on the dog.

"To try and determine what makes the dog tick and see if we figure out what lead to this incident happening. Based on the recommendations that come out of the assessment will help stir our investigation as to what kind of charges we will be looking at."