Today is Monday, one Facebook friend posted today that "Monday is 

cancelled go back to bed!"  I have said before and still believe Monday is

not a bad day it is just misunderstood.  Why is Monday any worse than another

day of the week?  I can't find the answer to that in my mind so I cling to the 

fact that Monday is really not that bad.  Some say it cuts the weekend short

and they would be correct, some say Mondays remind them that they really 

don't want to get up and go to that mundane job they hold.  Maybe it's the job 

a person has when they don't like Mondays?  Is it time to look for a new way

to spend 40 hours a week somewhere else?  Would that make your Monday

better?  Think about it before you make a decision based on this writing 

because there is not a theory behind my thoughts just someone telling me

I have to write blog from time to time.  They pay me to be on the radio and

have scheduled other tasks for me to follow as well, I agree to do the said 

tasks and really don't mind doing them at all.  Oh and they pay me to do 

said tasks, that does help for some strange reason.  Enjoy your Monday,

own it and get out there and have a great day, despite the cold.


Charlie Brown

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