A trio of big poplar trees in front of a home on 9th Ave. SW High River have been brought down.

A complaint about the trees was launched when a branch fell and took out a car's back window.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says there needs to be a better way to decide when trees are brought down.

"One person's fear of people dying because of those trees being there and making decisions to take them down, well if that's what we're running after we're going to be running a lot of chainsaws and not to a positive outcome for High River," he says.

"If that's how we're assessing, we're failing our town, that's not a common occurrence even in High River with the number of trees that we have that people are being hurt and killed because of trees."

Two other trees in Pioneer Square were also slated to come down but Snodgrass says they're safe while the Town reviews its plans.