A man has been arrested for obstructing and intimidating a police officer. 

In early August, a Sheriff Highway Patrol officer was conducting traffic enforcement when he noticed a car that was parked behind him.

The individual in the car was recording the Sheriff and then proceeded to give him the middle finger. 

Later that day, when the Sheriff was conducting another traffic stop, the same man drove up to the location and began recording again. Police say the man parked very close to the patrol car, which caused some concern for the Sheriff.

Police claim the man caught up with the officer a third time. 

"The same male came up behind the Sheriff’s car in his wheelchair and stopped in the middle of the merge lane," the RCMP explained in a release.  

RCMP added the man was still recording, speaking loudly and appeared very agitated. As the Sheriff continued with the traffic stop, the man approached and spoke to the driver who was pulled over.

The Sheriff called for backup as the situation appeared to be escalating.

On Tuesday (Oct. 24), 40-year-old Dwight Domino from Chestermere was arrested.

He has been charged with the following:

  • Obstructing a peace officer
  • Intimidation by following
  • Intimidation by blocking a highway
  • Watching and besetting

After the release hearing, Domino was released from custody and will be appearing in Strathmore court in early November.

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