A major change atop the Salvation Army in High River.

Majors Brian and Edith Beveridge are taking over command starting in July.

"We've had a lot of wonderful experiences, of course a lot of challenges as well but it's certainly been an exciting life and one that we've really enjoyed," Edith says. "It's been an adventure, whenever we talk to our kids they always say 'life was never boring."

She and Brian had been in the town previously helping out after the 2013 flood.

"We brought out our food kitchen, our canteen from Lethbridge in 2013 out to Blackie and fed people there and (we were) humbled by the response from the people as they rolled up their sleeves and got together and worked together as a community, it's a wonderful community and we loved it, we love it now and we're really glad to be here," says Brian.

The pair have been in the ministry for 30 years and started out in a village in northern B.C. where Brian says they got a chance to be involved and see people's lives change.

John Arndt is headed to Toronto for training to become an ordained officer.