The Longview 4H Beef Club auction steer raised some big bucks on Victoria Day Monday at the High River Ag grounds.

President of the club Ross Lewis says 'Billie' the auction steer was bought locally again, and he's thrilled with the results.

"This year we sold that steer for $17.49 a pound. Eastern Slopes Philanthropists bought him first. We bought him for $24,900. We donated him right back and a massive thank you to Transcend LLP and Steven Muth. He came to the plate, and he bought him again for the grand total we raised this year was $34,826. But I was informed this morning that there is still some more money trickling in, so that total will go up a little bit as well. And we couldn't be prouder of our community and prouder of the kids for getting this done."

Ross says the club auctioned off 13 steers for an average of $5.81 a pound.

The money raised from the auction steer is going right to the High River District Health Care Foundation again and Ross says the club is proud of that.

"At some point in anybody's life, we're all going to end up over at that hospital and if anything we can do to make that experience a little bit better and help out there. Hey, we're glad to do it."

The next 4H show and sale is the Foothills 4H District Premiere Show this Saturday and Sunday at the High River Ag grounds.

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