Local amateur weather forecaster Angie Brown is well known throughout High River and area.

You can often find her at all the community events or playing hockey or bowling with Special Olympics and also working part-time at a local restaurant as well as sharing her weather forecasts on Facebook.  Check out her Facebook page 'Angie's weather or knot' page. 

And she joins her Uncle Charlie Brown on 99.7 Sun Country on Monday mornings just after the 6:30 a.m. News.

You can look for her forecasts and her picture of the day here Monday's from now on.

And her forecast on Monday of this week was bang on with her prediction of how much snow was coming.

"It is shaping up that we are going to get some white stuff about 10 to 15 cm for us and for local areas. But yes, it is going to be treacherous out there so give yourself some extra time going out. It is supposed to end on Tuesday and then Wednesday's supposed to be chilly but nice. And Halloween is looking pretty darn good.

Listen for Angie on with Charlie Brown at 6:40 on Monday mornings on 99.7 Sun Country and look for her forecast blog here on High River Online.

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