If you ever wanted to learn more about hot air ballooning here's your chance.

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival in High River has a workshop set for this Sunday.

Cathy Dudgeon says they keep registration to a dozen people at each workshop so that everyone has an opportunity to be hands on with the balloon..

"This Sunday's workshop is actually for adults, anybody who just wants to come out and learn more about ballooning, we're going to go through a weather check and what we do before we decided whether or not we're going to fly," she says. "If the weather is good we're hoping to do hot inflation of a real balloon but we'll have to see what the weather does."

There will be one full-size balloon and one miniature balloon which Dudgeon says can take a lot more punishment since it's not used to fly.

She says they haven't had any workshop participants go on to become pilots, but that doesn't mean they don't continue their efforts.

"We've had some people who were interested and have come out to crew and have gotten involved that way, and without our crew we can't go up, the crew are the backbone of ballooning, they make it worthwhile and they make it fun" she says.

The event is free and goes Sunday at 8 and 10 a.m.