United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney says if elected, his government would keep Alberta income taxes rates the same as the current NDP government.

Kenney says they're going to give every Albertan the biggest tax cut they have ever had by scrapping the carbon tax.

"It will be the largest tax cut in Alberta history," said Kenney. "We will also deliver the job creation tax cut that top economists project will create at least 55,000 new jobs. There will also be some other reductions that we will be talking about in the days to come."

He said changes to personal income tax will have to wait until the budget is balanced.

“Because of the NDP’s fiscal train wreck, we do not have the fiscal room to reduce personal income tax rates at this time,” Kenney said.

Once the budget is balanced Kenney says he will bring in a panel to figure out the best tax system in terms of jobs and growth.

Which means the flat tax the grassroots of the party wants, might not happen.

When asked if people will be upset that he is cutting taxes for corporations and not individuals Kenney says people will understand that there are limits as to how many taxes the UCP will be able to cut and they are looking at tax relief that will result in the most jobs.


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