Jordie Fike, who calls High River home, is all ready for the Calgary Stampede.

After placing second in Ponoka over the weekend and missing out on a $50,000 paycheque by just five one-hundredths of a second Fike is ready for this years Calgary Stampede.

Fike says he's using the same team he used at Ponoka.

"I put them together for Ponoka and Calgary. There's some older horses on there that I've saved up for these two shows so I'm excited to see what they'll do in the big lights of Calgary."

However, it's not just about the horses and outriders but also about bringing confidence to the party.

"The horses, they can radiate, like you know, they're just confident and I think I'm driving confident too so they kind of get that attitude going into a race where we can do this every time. You see that lots with guys, they've got some good outfits but if the driver isn't confident then the horses just don't perform like they should."

And as far as what drivers he'll be keeping his eyes on, his younger brother Chad and also Kurt Bensmiller fit the bill.

Other Foothills locals to watch for are High River's Jason Glass and Okotoks' Mark Sutherland.