People of all ages in the foothills have found themselves looking for work over the last year with a number of businesses shutting their doors.

Project Manager at MCG Careers, Sue Jordan says one of their more popular programs is called Experience Counts for those job seekers between 45 and 68 years of age.

"That's one that's really transitioned since we secured contracts to provide that program," she says. "It was originally a federal program and Alberta did such a good job with that program the provincial government decided to keep that so we've been really fortunate in the foothills to offer that."

She says it satisfies the mature worker who brings a wealth of information and experience to their new employers but also allows them to gain some additional employment skills that will satisfy their new career.

She says there are more jobs opening up despite the latest COVID restrictions.

"What we kind of see right now are the seasonal employers are trying to fill some spots, particularly landscaping, construction and the golf courses," Jordan says. "I would definitely say your seasonal employers are shoving the most activity."

She says there's a cluster of employers who are preparing for the time when restrictions lift again and it's important job seekers hit the ground running as soon as that happens.

"Being ready is the biggest tool you can put in that tool box, knowing where to look and how to do a really in depth job search, knowing what it requires to get that resume that's going to be the perfect resume that an employer's going to notice and we know that technology comes into play with resumes. A lot of them go through kind of scanning process and so we've got some tips and tricks on how best get yourself into that interview."

She says there's a lot that has changed in the last several years, including the last year with COVID, but MCG Careers can help guide job seekers in the right way to go about finding work.


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