There's no love lost between the United Conservative Party and the New Democratic Party and UCP leader Jason Kenney is addressing the current governments failure to revitalize the energy sector.

Kenney addressed the media on December 5 and noted that he is encouraging the soonest possible provincial election date, as the NDP have lost the confidence of Albertans.

"Albertans desperately want a government that is focused on reigniting our economy and fighting for this province. They don't want to wait until May or June. So I'm calling on the Premier to hold that election as soon as possible under the legislation, that would begin at the beginning of February for a vote in early March."

According to Alberta's Elections act, the 2019 election date will fall anywhere between March 1 and May 31, 2019.

Kenney says the sooner the election date, the better.

"I think the NDP should call the election on February the first, for the first week of March complying with the fixed election date legislation. This is a government that has lost, massively, the support of Albertans. It would be a huge mistake for them to try to foist on Albertans, as a lame duck government, a budget, when their entire fiscal plan is in tatters."

Kenney says Prime Minister Justin Trudea's lip service towards Alberta's energy sector, isn't helping.

"This is the same Prime Minister who in the midst of one of the most serious crisis in our economy in the modern economic history in Alberta, came to Calgary two weeks ago and gave us a patronizing pat on the head and gave us precisely no action. So I think when our Premier meets around the First Ministers table this week, she doesn't speak with the kind of voice that Alberta should have, a voice of strength and clarity. We should be forming alliances with provinces provincial governments that support the priorities of Albertans."


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