Highwood High School is looking at kick starting their football program again this year.

Mustangs Athletic Director, Ryan Hayden, says they think after a couple of years without one, there's enough interest to try again.

"Coach Brandford and Coach Bossman, who's new to our staff are looking to re-establish our program. I'm a firm believer that if there's an opportunity for high school to have football. It's just a wonderful offering in the community."

Hayden says they've got the right man for the job in Brian Brandford, who's no stranger to coaching winning football.

"Coach Brandford, really for the past 30 years has built and maintained a number of football programs, not just at the high school level, but has also coached every level of football with great success."

He says a high school football team in a small town is a special thing.

"I think it would be an outstanding edition to our school. There's something really special about the kind of Friday night lights has a sort of uniting effect on a school."

The Mustangs folded the tent on football in 2016 after enduring some tough years.

Hayden believes there's enough interest now to revive the program.