There are now six candidates to choose from in the Livingstone-Macleod riding.

The upcoming provincial election is on May 29 and Erik Abildgaard has tossed his hat into the ring as an independent candidate.

Abildgaard says he has his own platform centred around a common theme.

"I'm just trying to put the whole thing into perspective so we actually can have some kind of freedom.  So, my basis [for running] is freedom."

Abildgaard has developed his own 12-point platform some of which includes:

  • Removal of the corporate slave name.
  • Operate our sovereignty identity without interference.
  • Sovereignty veto power so we can actually stand up to the [federal] government if we don't like something.

He also does plan on attending the all-candidates forum to share all of his points in High River on Tuesday, May 16 at the Highwood Centre.

While he doesn't have a website, he can be reached via email at

Abildgaard is from Nanton, having resided there with his family since the 1980s.

The forum is hosted by the High River Chamber of Commerce.