High River's Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival is gearing up for this fall.

Jamie Kinghorn says they have a full line-up of balloons again this year.

"We actually have a bit of a waiting list, I have two or three pilots that have communicated and have said 'look if you get some room please reach out to us' so we're really excited for this year, again it's a big year coming back from the COVID previous years and we will be doing the night glow on the Friday night again so we're lining up the food trucks and doing all that stuff going back to that 2019 awesome experience that we had."

He says they have four international pilots coming back as well as some new special balloon shapes that people haven't seen before and everybody's raring to go.

Officials are already working with Protective Services to make sure traffic flow is maintained for the highly popular night glow.

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival goes from September 21 to 25 in High River.