The Highwood High school is taking a chocolaty plunge into the candy-covered world of British author Roald Dahl.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the latest production set to hit the High River school stage and prepares to wow families and friends with its edition of the famous work. 

Under the direction of Charmaine Ferguson, 27 students will be involved with this year's show.

"The kids have been so great. They've really been wonderful to me, even though I'm brand new, they've been very welcoming and enthusiastic. They're just really hard workers. Things get done a lot more quickly with high school students compared to junior high students."

This is her first year teaching at Highwood after previously heading the drama program at Okotoks Junior High School.

Taking part is Grade 12 student Megan Evens who has a nervous excitement given the popularity of the source material. 

"I think since so many people know it, there's a very specific way that they all see it. It's a very popular movie and so we’re trying to make it so that you can recognize it and make it almost like the classic."

Evans will be playing the role of Veruca Salt.

"She has two parents that are very, very rich and that really rubs off on her a lot. She's basically the spoiled brat in all of this."

members of the highwood showTaylor Morrison (left purple) will play Willy Wonka in this years production. Playing Veruca Salt is Megan Evens (in white) along with other members of the cast. 

Playing the role of Willy Wonka is Grade 11 student Taylor Morrison who encourages the community to support local theatre.

"The money you get from the tickets is going to go into the next theatre production next year. We put a lot of work into it and it's a good way to support the school and the theatre program. It's going to be a good play."

That sentiment is echoed by their director. 

"It means a lot to them," says Ferguson. "I think a lot of the kids who are going to end up being in their community theatre and kids who also perform with their bands and with their choirs all kind of end up here. So, it's just like a really good way to support the arts."

The show runs for the public from February 2 to 4 with shows on Thursday and Friday evenings as well as a matinee and evening performance on Saturday. 

Tickets can be purchased from the main office during school hours or at the door.